Family Law Representation, Mediation and Collaborative Law in Colorado

One of the bright lights

I have known Terri Harrington for twenty (20) years. I have had several family law cases with Ms. Harrington.  In the last ten years our cases have been Collaborative Law Family Law cases. I am in a collaborative practice group with Terri, and have been for over ten (10) years. She is unfailingly compassionate, energetic and committed to her clients and the process of collaborative law as a choice for the right clients. She has spearheaded the collaborative law movement in the state, working tirelessly to promote the process, educate both our colleagues and the public and train new lawyers. She has brought in nationally known speakers in the field and done countless trainings herself. She has also won the Collaborator of the year award at least once. Terri is truly one of the bright lights in the collaborative law and alternative dispute area of family law. I have not met a colleague more dedicated to her clients regardless of complexity, or income.  Our profession needs more attorneys with the dedication, competence and compassion of Terri Harrington.