Family Law Representation, Mediation and Collaborative Law in Colorado

Dedication to Families in Transition

I have known attorney Terri Harrington for twenty years and have had several cases with her as opposing counsel in family law.  She has always been competent, courteous, reasonable and compassionate.  She is an indefatigable member of the Family Law section of the Colorado Bar and is one of the earliest members of Colorado Collaborative Law Professionals.  It is in the context of her dedication to families in transition, due to changes in family structure that I nominate her.  She has committed her professional life to this endeavor and never declines an invitation to speak about collaborative law, or about how to help the children of divorcing or separating families.  If I had to name one person who has kept the collaborative law movement progressing in Colorado, it would be Terri Harrington hands down. I think it is particularly challenging to be in the forefront of a change in the law (much like mediation was in the 1980's) and to be willing to put in the time to learn a new paradigm, educate the public and fellow professionals  and to champion the rights and dignity of all involved in what can be a traumatic and expensive process.