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Limited Legal Help to Save Mistakes and Fees

Limited Legal Help to Save Mistakes and Fees

February 16, 2017
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Attorneys in Colorado are allowed by the Court rules to give limited legal help to clients, rather than having to hire a lawyer to represent you for all aspects of your case.  In other words they can:

  • Give only advice when the client requests help.
  • Represent the client in mediation
  • Help the client prepare forms
  • Draft a settlement offer
  • Help the client prepare for trial without legal counsel appearing

When clients try to divorce without any legal information or help they can make mistakes that last a lifetime.  We have seen that happen. Once a property division is final it cannot usually be reopened except in very limited circumstances.  Property division can have huge tax or other consequences in some instances.  Always hire an attorney to give you an assessment of your case and advice about what help the attorney can provide on a limited basis.