Family Law Representation, Mediation and Collaborative Law in Colorado


The attorneys at Harrington Brewster & Clein have more than 30 years of experience guiding Colorado clients through family law disputes and providing alternate methods of dispute resolution.  We bring our experience as collaborative lawyers, neutral mediators and traditional advocates to help you resolve your individual situation. We strive to treat our clients, mediators, attorneys and staff with dignity and consideration through cooperation and respectful communication.

Our Approach to Family Law

Integrity and professionalism are the foundations of our firm. In a divorce, clients need a law practice dedicated to helping them resolve their family conflict in the most productive way possible. When you come to us for advice and representation, we will listen to your concerns and explain how we can help you achieve your goals.
Our office is committed to helping clients and their families heal conflict and move forward in their lives by provided caring, accurate, thorough, and creative professional legal services.

The attorneys at Harrington, Brewster, and Clein offer a collaborative approach to divorce that helps divorcing couples achieve positive outcomes by attempting to minimize the negative emotional, economical, and social consequences and stigmas often associated with a litigated divorce.  We use our skills and team approach to help couples minimize conflict by using specific techniques focused on improving communication and cooperation, encouraging respect, diminishing adversarial strategies, and putting the children first.We have a particular focus on helping people resolve their divorce and other family law issues using non-adversarial methods, including mediation and collaborative law.

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